Circle of Toys

Children should grow and explore the world through play and also know that dreams come true. If it's a dream of a toy, it can easily turn into reality.

About the Project

The Circle of Toys project was created by the Find Refuge social media of help so that children from all over the world could pass along their toys to others. This project is not only about spreading joy and kindness but also offers an opportunity for toys that were once loved but are no longer needed to find new little owners. Additionally, the project aims to foster empathy skills among children and teach them to be environmentally friendly.

Our Values

Doing good deeds is important. We want to make the world better by bringing people together in a meaningful way. Moreover, we set a positive example for children by fostering kindness, generosity and empathy.
The toy market is the largest consumer of plastic in the world. According to Yale University, approximately 80% of toys end up in landfills every year, polluting the environment. Sharing toys is a way of caring for the future of our planet.
Children grow up fast, and what is their favourite toy today may become unwanted tomorrow. Sharing toys means sharing joy and fulfilling someone's cherished dreams.

Pick your role

I am a Giver, I want to send a toy.
Givers are people from all over the world who care about children and the environment. They aim to do something kind for a child by giving a toy to them.
If you are ready to send a toy, make sure to check the steps you need to follow.
Step 1. Sign Up
Simply click the "SEND A TOY" button, which will guide you to our parent platform,  Find Refuge.
Step 2. Fill Out the Form
Taking just a moment of your time, please complete the form.
Step 3. Choose a Request
Browse and select one or more requests you'd like to fulfill. Once approved, you'll receive the shipping details for the toy.
Step 4. Ship the Toy
Once everything is settled, you're good to send the toy!
We kindly ask that you cover the shipping costs. This simple gesture could mean the world to someone unable to bear the expense themselves.
Send a toy
I am a Seeker, I want to receive a toy.
Seekers are people who need help and support, including parents or legal guardians of children who want to submit a request to receive a toy for their child or children.
Looking to brighten your child's day with a toy? Here's how you can make that happen! If your child is 16 and under, follow these steps:
Step 1. Sign Up
Simply click the "RECEIVE A TOY" button. This will guide you to our main platform,  Find Refuge.
Step 2. Share Some Details
Complete the application by mentioning your child's age and interests, as well as your location details.
Step 3. Wait for a Kind Giver
Once your request is up, a Giver will get in touch.
Step 4. Welcome Your Toy!
The Giver will mail the toy to the address you've shared. Do ensure that the postal code and phone number are accurate. When the toy arrives, a little note of thanks to the Giver would be a lovely gesture.
Receive a toy

Gift the toys properly

Dirty toys
If the toy is dirty but still in good shape and working, please clean it up before sending it.
Broken Toys
Receiving a broken item is very unpleasant, especially if it's a long-awaited toy. Please make sure not to send toys that are broken or damaged.
Used toys
Feel free to send toys that have been used but are still in good working condition, clean, and can still bring joy.
New toys
You are welcome to send new, unused toys, or you can purchase a new one that a child dreams of.


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Project Partners

Experience the joy of making a difference in a child's life.
Become a Giver.
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Join in and let us help bring a smile to your child's face.
Become a Seeker.
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The Circle of Toys project is implemented within the Find Refuge social media of help.


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